The Vietri Ceramic Group is steeped in ancient traditions, culture and history of his native land. The beauty of these handmade tiles are the expression of that history and every tile has a story to tell. It is a very old story, a history of ceramics, De Maio–Cassetta family is history, which goes back to the 15th century. Leader of the Vietri Ceramic Group is Ceramica di Vietri Francesco De Maio, a famous producer of the hand-decorated Vietri “riggiola”, still using the old techniques of Vietri sul Mare, handed down from father to son. In the group, with the renowned brand Ce.Vi. Ceramica Vietrese, handmade tiles are produced following the classic Neapolitan style. With the brand Tiles Club Collezioni Ceramiche, the tiles are adorned with decorations of more modern lines. In the Ceramica Vietri Antico, the experience of the handmade decoration and the wise use of glazes give to the traditional Vietri ceramics new dimensions. The brand Oro di Vietri adorns this ancient art with the addition of decors in 24k gold, brushed by master decorators. The oldest, Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino, founded in 1823 and taken over by the family in 1992, is the only company in the group to use the more innovation technology of ceramic production. Characteristic of the collections of the Companies that belongs to the Consortium Vietri Ceramic Group is the refined excellence of the used raw materials, the experience and the ceramic research, the wise handcraft and the complete handmade decoration. All strictly Italian. Infact in the handmade production of the Vietri Ceramic Group companies there is the whole tradition of italian know-how and of the ceramic passion. Five centuries of experience and excellence, handed down from generation to generation by the De Maio-Cassetta family, which still continue in the Ceramica Francesco De Maio’s factory, to promote the culture, tradition and the Vietri art using ancient techniques of production that make these ceramics unique and prestigious.



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