It will open on 15th of November 2017 in Bologna FICO (Fabbrica Italian Contadina) Eataly World. The park, which covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, will be free entrance and will showcase all the wonders of italian biodiversity through 2 hectares of open fields and stables and 8 hectares of indoor exhibition.

Inside FICO you will find 40 little farm where you can see with your own eyes the production of meat, cheese, fish, beer, pasta, oil, sweets, etc. Obviously, you could also taste the many specialties produced in one of the 40 dining place inside the show, but visitors can literally “do the shopping” tasting and buying products made in the laboratories available in more than 100 traditional handcrafts shops where visitors could also listen and tak part in the story of the producer.

The outer space will be reserved to livestock and plantation with over 200 animals and 200 culivar (assemblage of plants selected for desirable characteristics that are maintained during propagation) dedicated to those visitors who will have the opportunity to see first-hand all the sequences of the production.

Another very interest thing, especially for the little ones, will be the educational merry-go-round dedicated to land, fire, sea, animals, wine and the future. In addition FICOwill offer 30 events and 50 courses, divided between classrooms, educational spaces and theaters where visitors can learn all the secrets and techniques of food farming production.

Last but not least, FICO will offer a meeting and convention center that can host from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 1000 people.

This permanent exhibition dedicated to Italian excellence will be set up in Bologna via Paolo Canali, 8 where now you can find the CAAB (food farming centre of Bologna) and it will be free admission.