Romeo Wellness – Dogana del Sale is Romeo hotel’s wellness centre. Consistent with Romeo hotel’s philosophy, it is designed as a seamless mixture of comfort and technology, science and design, past and future: a unique luxury SPA and gym to rejuvenate yourself, take your time, and rediscover the pleasures of wellbeing.

Romeo Wellness – Dogana del Sale represents an exclusive 10,000 square foot space where history meets the future and land meets the sea. In fact, the name Dogana del Sale means “salt customs house” in Italian and refers to the 16th century building where Romeo Wellness rises up today. Located in the ancient harbour district, it was a crucial meeting spot for the city, where salts from all around the world were exchanged.

Some elements of the building’s original design and architectural structure have been preserved in the renovation project, such as the dome ceilings, brick façade and volcanic rock foundations; on the other hand, most of the interiors are on the edge of design, with revolutionary lighting systems, water features and the latest gym and SPA facilities.

Discover all that our Dogana del Sale and Gym have to offer.

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