“CroccainBocca” is a fillo dough of bread, a simple recipe inspired from the past. The attention on the choice of the finest and most genuine ingredients are the feature that distinguish this original salty snack. “CroccainBocca” is made with flour from the close countryside, to control the quality and preserve the taste and the aroma of the wheat germ, which imprints in the crunchy fillo bread, giving a flavor that tastes like homemade things. The 100% Italian cold pressed extra virgin oil, gives the snack a golden color and the typical crunchiness, meanwhile the rest is made by the use of iodate salt and the absence of additives and preservatives.
“CroccainBocca” is ideal with tasting of the finest wines, cold cuts, cheeses, honey, sauces and elaborated dishes.
This year “CroccainBocca” won the prize “Golosario 2016”.
“CroccainBocca” are available in four different flavors:
– CroccainBocca Classic recipe
– CroccainBocca with Sesame Seeds
– CroccainBocca with Poppy Seeds
– CroccainBocca ‘Nduja”


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