Arte di Murano manufactures products with the techniques of glass in use since 1200. The production takes place on the island of Murano and is carried out by master glassmakers with great skill and creativity. The mixing of the raw materials is carried in the evening, at the end of working hours and the preparation of the material lasts the whole night. The reverberatory furnace melts the raw materials at a temperature of about 1400 ° and in the morning the masters will find the molten material ready for modeling. The glass paste remains ductile at temperatures up to 500 °.

The working group consists of the “piazza”, coordinated by the master and “serventi” and “garzoni”, who master the techniques of hot working. The work may possibly be finished at cold by grinding department, where the expert grinders carry out the grinding or other finishes. The figurative incision is carried by other laboratories, where there are highly skilled decorators. If the decoration is expected to be the enamel, the object passes in a specific lab in which they are carried out painting and annealing of the enamel.



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