There were no doubt that Italian products were good and great quality but now Italian food get an important safety certification that increases more the prestige of Made in Italy.

To provide this significant certification is a joint research carried out by Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Anti-Counterfeiting Unit, Anti-Sophistication Unit and by supervisory authorities that monitoring the flows of food products which shows that, in agreement with administrations’ laws, our food is considered among the healthiest and safest in the world. In the same way, the so-called Mediterranean diet, intended as a food lifestyle, resulted to be very healthy and effective from a nutritional point of view. This result is due to the great quality of all those products considered healthy such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and flour that constitute the backbone of the world-renowned Mediterranean diet.

The quality of raw materials, however, is not enough since Italian food excels even in first and second level transformation processes that take them straight from the producer to the consumer. Italian products not only comply the high European standards but above all follow to the letter the guidelines imposed by our country. In fact, the producers are focused only on the consumer, placing quality and safety first.

For this reason, the export of Italian food products is constantly expanding. In fact, has been in the news recently, that Taiwan opened to the importation of pork-based products from Italy, starting from Prosciutto Crudo following a joint work made by Italian authorities together with the European Commission. This opening by Taiwan will generate, according to what EC foresees, a turnover of 2 million euro, besides leading the way for further market opportunities in Asia.