Good initiative realized by Regione Lombardia, Unioncamere Lombardia and Meet the Media Guru to reward all those fashion and design projects, strictly made in Italy, that have chosen digital as a winning strategy. The award, now in its second edition, has collected a lot of applications that have been reduced to eighteen by an expert panel who judged their originality, creativity and innovation. After that, it was up to the internet users to decide which project, for each of the six sections (three dedicated to fashion and three to design), deserved to be awarded with a cash prize of 10.000 euro.

Regarding fashion, and in particular production and innovative manufacturing section, the prize went to the brand Breath! which produces clothing and accessories for yoga and pilates, made with natural fibers, which are designed to improve breathing. For communication and marketing section, web users rewarded Paper Try-On, an innovative idea launched by the Italian brand Quattrocento that allows the customer to order and try at home for free the paper model of the glasses that he wants to buy. Only after that he tried and has chosen his favourite glasses, he can proceed with the purchase. The latest section dedicated to fashion, e-commerce and retail, rewarded E.L.S.E. (acronym for Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience) which offers an extraordinary 3D shopping experience.

Let’s move on to design, where in the section dedicated to production and innovative manufacture, it was decided to recognize the value of La mia scarpa DIY, a comfortable summer shoe designed for the purpose of be able to enter corrective guards inside. On the other hand, the Museum of Augmented Street Art was the best in communication and marketing section regarding design. The project, already realized last May in Palermo, aims to create a museum to show digital content directly in urban spaces, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by augmented reality. Finally, again with regard to design (e-commerce and retail section), it was decided to reward ​​, a company/movement that promotes digital manufacturing as the new frontier of design.

The Chamber of Commerce of Milan gave a special prize even to Deesup, a marketplace where it’s possible to sell and buy brand names items at affordable prices while the audience of the cerimony rewarded the brand Sensewear, a collection of clothes and accessories that stimulate and improve awareness of sensory activity.