Tradition is a very abused word mentioned in many occasions, sometimes with a purpose, other times with an overkill. Having respect for tradition means use for food packaging, season and territory products, matured under the sun and that have conserved their typical and inimitable taste.

I think that the onerous task to combine innovation and tradition regards firstly small handmade companies formed by small family unit, or little cooperatives that could bring back to the top territory products favouring seasonality, benefiting from all opportunities, tied to the technological modernization typical of modern times.

Then barmen, restaurant owners, turistic operator giving qualified, healthy and non- contamined products, treated with cure, cooked with balance,spiced and assembled with love and fantasy, will be the new protagonists of the new culinary Renaissance and they will certaintly have the approval of people that think that well cooked food is one of the life pleasure and that eating with taste help to find happiness and consequently the optimism.

Big Dop and Igp products and Emilia Romagna wines and together with them the “Food Valley” agroalimentar system, have become leaders in the world, formed by big and small brands, able to weld raw materials qualities and production technicals.

Some years ago a canadian university, leader in research topics, signed a collaboration agreement with Future Food Institute in Bologna in order to develop research programmes and common initiative that involve also school, companies and start-up world.

Among the participants to the initiative also the bolognese start-up “Cooki”, specialised in the monitoring allergens into the agroalimentar field. Founded in 2014 in Bologna by Sara Roversi the Future Food Institute is now a companies and research centres net that makes the innovation in the alimentar field, a tool to face the sustainable development challenges. A platform that goes from Earth to table, that from Emilia Romagna has started international collaborations from Usa, to Spain, to China.