Created by two Bocconians, it connects fashion and shopping with social network


It’s called FashTime the new made in Italy app, which aims to revolutionize the world of social networks and fashion by abolishing the concept of like in favor of the time spent watching a certain image. The key strenght of this application, however, is that, unlike other image sharing applications such as the well-known Instagram, it gives users the possibility to buy clothes and accessories worn in the shared images.

The founders of this start up are two Italians, Mauro Di Benedetto and Marco Borgato (both graduates at Università Bocconi in Milan), who decided to establish the headquarters of FashTime Ltd. in London.

How does FashTime work?

First, you have to decide if you want to join FashTime as a regular user or a pro user, then you need to choose your own role (influencer, designer, photographer, model, brand, magazine). Done this, you can start posting photos tagging what you are wearing (a FashTag includes product type, brand, price, website), what you are doing (for example if you are dining or having a drink) when (in which moment of your day) and where you are doing it (cities and places).

Then you can share your posts on other social networks and you can also post two photos in a one vs one challenge just to see which of them is the users’ favorite.

Referee of everything is just and exclusively the time, that is how many seconds your followers spend viewing your photos (up to 15 seconds in picture) because in FashTimetime is everything and so you should try to accumulate seconds by creating Challenges and Moments to gain more time to spend watching what other users share.

Appearing in the iOS App Store few days ago (on Android’s Play Store it will be coming soon), FashTime is getting great reviews from users who demonstrate to appreciate the fact of linking time with social network in addition to the fact to be able to view and buy fashionable clothes and accessories.