As is well known, there are many Italian foods exported abroad, due to the great quality of our food and wine products, which have always been appreciated by tourists but also sold in stores and waited at tables of foreign countries. This, in addition to being a source of pride and prestige for Italy, however, implies that our products of excellence are often counterfeited to the disadvantage of unware foreign consumers who pay for a quality product at a price that doesn’t represent Italian excellence at all. Obviously there are a lot of checks and laws established to fight this issue but now, in the era of smartphones and tablets, here come in help of the customers even an app that immediately recognizes the originality of a product. This application, available for both iOS and Android, is called Authentico and allows, by scanning the barcode of the product purchased, to immediately verify its originality but above all, in case of a counterfeit, to immediately report it directly from the app. Authentico also offers the possibility to photograph the product and then verify its authenticity and also provides to the customers a lot of useful information such as origin, traceability, producers’ history in addition to providing the best recipes to taste or cook the product concerned but that’s not all because foreign users or Italians abroad, taking advantage of geolocation services, will also be able to find the best restaurants and Italian products shops in their area. Another strenght of this app, both innovative and intuitive, is the direct channel that establishes between Italian producers and consumers as the producers will be able to provide the customers with all the information they want related to their production. Thanks to this application, which took two years to be developed, a further step forward has been made to safeguard made in Italy in the world in order to completely eliminate fake Mozzarella di Bufala or Parmigiano Reggiano.