After the revolution in the world of e-commerce and after entering into the entertainment world with Prime Video, Amazon is ready to enter into the fashion world thanks to the introducing of Trust & Fable, the new brand dedicated to women. In order to introduce the new brand, the US e-commerce company organized a special event in Berlin where it was possible to preview some of the items that will be on sale from the 4th of April. This new brand is dedicated exclusively to special events and ceremonies and its target is to combine perfectly glamor and low cost as the article of clothing starts from a minimum of 40 € up to a maximum of 150 €. The collection, which includes 85 garments in complete, was designed by Claire Baker to guarantee, as the designer said, the wow effect, and promises to have nothing to envy to the runway outfits. Trust & Fable focuses on the quality of the fabrics but also on the fitting just to make the garments suitable for the bodies of all customers since women that buy clothing online do that due to the greater availability of sizes compared to retail stores that, due to smaller space and marketability, tend to focus on those sizes considered more saleable. It remains to be seen if Amazon will be able to break even in fashion where competition is merciless and customers are very demanding, especially in a country like Italy that has always been focused on the new fashion trends. Surely the proposal made by Amazon is interesting, due to low prices and the reputation on which Amazon can count among customers, but it’s clear that the absolute quality guaranteed by a high fashion made in Italy garment will never be available in the fashion section of Amazon.