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High quality gourmet food to delight the most refined taste. Italian food culture is on display every day and just a mouse click away only on Very Italian Style.

Holidays in Italy

Discover the wonders of Italy, magical and exclusive places far from the usual cliches. Live unique experiences in touch with the history and the beauty of a country rich in tradition and innovation.

Italian fashion

Discover the latest trends thanks to unprecedented fashion outfits. High quality clothes and accessories for galas or just to look fine in everyday life. Because style is everything.

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The most innovative design and the finest objects to make your home a unique place and live the luxury experience every day.

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Very Italian Style shows only selected high quality products. Food, holiday, fashion and design, four categories and only one goal: provide to the most refined customers only the finest high-end products. Take a look to the products on display in one of the four showcase and get in touch with the advertisers: Italian high quality has never been so close.



Ruby the pink chocolate: all you need to know

The new pink chocolate, rather color ruby, is the new chocolate placed side by side to the oldest and most renowed dark, white and milk chocolate. This type of chocolate was discovered fourteen years ago by Barry Collebaut, owner of an old swiss...

If we lost tastes sooner or later we will lost knowledges

  Tradition is a very abused word mentioned in many occasions, sometimes with a purpose, other times with an overkill. Having respect for tradition means use for food packaging, season and territory products, matured under the sun and that have...


An occasion of holiday:Liguria and the five lands

Five lands are situated in Liguria, in the smallest national park in Italy and they are Monterosso, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Corniglia and Manarola, a small village in which mountain and sea meet each other in a strong poetic suggestion. Manarola from Latin...


It will be romantic the Italian style 2019

Certainly, also this spring, the catwalks have already presented the runway shows of stylists, more or less affirmed, but all people know that, the concrete possibility of transforming it in real clothes that women can wear in real life, is very...


Old grass makers teachers launch the challenge

Venice lagoon, as we know, has always a particular fascination that attracts literates, tourists and art lovers. In this magic place, sorrounded by an unique and atmosphere, some speeches can be applied to many products that venetian lagoon offers, for...

Photovoltaic roof tiles: bond between technology and design

Between technological innovation and design,roof tiles, able to produce energy from sun are coming. This is the solution able to legitimize definitely photovoltaic in Italy? The searching in photovoltaic sector has made during the last years great steps...

80’s years style comes back in fashion, Wink comes back

  In the framework of the italian design there is a comeback to the 80's years and some objects of that period are proposed again, new details and coverings in a range of textile and colours of current events. There is a pleasant comeback, a chaise...